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Education Funding


As a parent of two recent graduates of Cobb County public schools, David understands the importance of a quality education that is properly funded.  He has pushed to increase funding in K-12 education after years of cuts by Republicans.  Progress is being made, but we need to invest more in Pre-K programs and our K-12 schools.  


Making College Affordable


Due to rising costs and cuts to the HOPE scholarship, the dream of a college education is out of reach for too many families. Our students need more than a high school diploma to succeed and David is working to make that a reality. He has sponsored legislation to revamp our current 529 college savings plan. 


David is proud to be a Democrat and as a leader in the Democratic Caucus he continues to push for our progressive values. He has fought against guns in our schools and on college campuses.  He is pro-choice and believes in equal rights for all citizens.   He understands that Georgia must expand Medicaid to increase access to healthcare and to reduce the number of hospitals facing closure.


Progressive Democrat


Highlighted Legislation


House Bill 177


Rep. Wilkerson is fighting for our families at the state Capitol.  He passed HB 177 to protect our children by requiring DFCS to provide important information to our schools in cases of suspected child abuse. 


House Bill 542


Rep. Wilkerson sponsored legislation to improve the state's current 529 college savings plan.  HB 542 creates a matching program when middle class families save for college. HB 542 will provide a state funded match up to $500 per year when a family saves through Georgia's 529 college savings plan.

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